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Making video games has never been easier and at the same time more competitive. With tools like Unreal Engine and Unity as well as digital distribution on PC and Console broadly available for everyone, it is paramount to find the right game production service providers to be able to compete with the best games out there. DDM has been a been a great help to find us top-notch partners for external art, animation, story writing and porting tasks that we otherwise wouldn’t have considered to work with.

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We love working with DDM. The primary job of agents is to open doors and represent you, and of course, DDM does that well. However, they do so much more. DDM is a consistent sounding board, a top-notch group capable of making something good great.

For any professional developer, working with DDM is a no-brainer. Nobody has a deeper insight into what kind of pitches are currently floating around, what publishers are looking for and which titles performed well in the past. This acumen tremendously helps to optimize your pitch for the highest deal chances. Since DDM sits on both sides of many tables, they also know more about deal terms than anybody else on the planet. Lastly, I was most impressed that DDM made us meet with over 30 top publishers face-to-face to pitch our game ideas. It does not end here. DDM has also been a great help to find the right outsourcing partners for us. Hands down, DDM is the best biz dev task force you can get. Did I mention they are also a great bunch of guys to work with?

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DDM has been an increasingly valuable partner as Humble Bundle has grown over the past few years. They have been instrumental in connecting us with the right people, as well as building stronger ties with their existing clientele. Always a pleasure to work with, we look forward to all the new opportunities we will work on together.

We have been working with DDM for three years and have found them to be a great partner helping us reach out to potential publishing partners. We have successfully secured several deals and consider the agency part of our business development team.