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We worked closely with DDM for several months on our raise. Through the whole process they brought industry insight and valuable perspectives to our business. They understood what we are accomplishing in Esports from day one. It all coalesced when they connected us to our lead investor. They were able to represent our vision throughout, from first discussions to finalizing the deal. We continue to collaborate and utilize their extensive breath of experience in the video game industry. They have become a valuable member of our extended team.  

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Longtime DDM client Deck13 has recently been acquired by Focus Home, after having worked together since 2011 on award winning brands such as The Surge. Mathias Reichert, Managing Director at Deck13 relays, “I worked very close with Maarten and Martijn in the last few years to achieve our business targets. The impact on our growth has been phenomenal. So it was no question that we use DDM as advisors for our acquisition by Focus Home Entertainment SA.” DDM congratulates the fantastic teams at both Deck13 and Focus Home in achieving this major milestone!

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