We love the video game business. The games industry is global and games span many platforms and business models. We knit together opportunities for our clients so they can create, support, distribute and publish great games.

Since 2006, our mission has been to provide more opportunities for our clients and to fundamentally improve the games industry business. Working closely together, our worldwide team has secured hundreds of deals that enable our clients to achieve their goals.


“DDM’s founding goal is to be the gold standard video game agency—uncovering opportunities and bringing the right partners together from across the industry and beyond; an agency that great companies are proud to work with.”
DDM President, Joe Minton


Our Core Values:

  • Trustworthy: A reputation for honesty and fair-dealing, internally and externally, is the foundation of DDM.
  • Inclusive: We look for character, ability and kindness; welcoming employees of all stripes and clients of all types who share these qualities.
  • Collaborative: Team members committed to working together while shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients provides the best opportunities for success.
  • Professional: We combine diligence, curiosity and drive; we nurture relationships while valuing data; and we keep our focus on our clients’ needs.

Here at DDM, we are the video game business experts.

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