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An invaluable resource for the games industry, providing detailed, qualified information companies and investors need to drive their businesses. Already in use by DDM to help clients worldwide, DDM is pleased to offer its analysis via free and paid quarterly reports and dedicated research services.

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Project & Studio Financing Snapshot July 2024

DDM is proud to release the Project & Studio Financing Snapshot, a unique overview that harnesses insights for two main methods of video game financing, project or studio, from our business development and investment services teams.

Read more in our free Project & Studio Financing Snapshot July 2024.

Games Investment Review
Q1 2024

  • Despite game industry layoffs and business turmoil, investments and M&As show a return to cautious growth
  • Compared to Q4 2023, Q1 2024 is a significant decline (-94% in value and +13% in volume compared to Q4’s $70.1B across 194 transactions)
  • By excluding Microsoft’s $68.7B acquisition of Activision Blizzard in Q4 as an outlier, Q1 2024’s $4.3B across 219 investments and M&As nearly doubles Q4 2023’s $2.3B in value, indicating a positive start to 2024

Read more in our free Games Investment Review Executive Summary Q1 2024 or purchase the standalone single report and transaction bundle with the quarter’s full list of transactions in PDF and Excel for $399.

Game Developers Annual Investment Report

  • Q1 2024 developer investments totaled $2.0B across 127 investments (+308% in value and +43% in volume compared to Q4 2023’s $485.7M across 89 investments)
  • This 4x in value is due to Disney’s $1.5B investment in Epic Games (76% of the quarter’s value) making developer investments near 2023’s yearly developer total all within the first quarter
  • Because of 2024’s strong start, 2024 will surpass 2023’s developer investments which reached $2.3B across 444 investments, breaking a four-year decline of investment value dating back to 2021’s peak of $33.3B across 552 investments.

Read more in the free Game Developers Annual Investment Report.

Mobile Games Annual Investment Report

  • 2023 mobile investments totaled $1.1B across 179 investments (-69% in value and -25% in volume compared to 2022’s $3.5B across 238 investments)
  • This drastic decline in value continues a three-year decline of value and volume since mobile games investment peak of $8.3B across 233 investments back in 2021 when Applovin and Playtika both went public with a combined value of $3.9B and market capitalization of $39.7B

Read more in the free Mobile Games Annual Investment Report.

Video Game Investments by Value Q1 2024 ($M)

Video Game M&As by Value Q1 2024 ($M)

Video Game Investments by Segment Value Q1 2024

Video Game M&As by Segment Value Q1 2024

Q1 2024 Vs Q4 2023

Source: DDM Games Investment Review



Investment and M&A

The DDM GIR is the industry’s longest-running dataset, covering over sixteen years of meticulously tracked video game industry investment and M&A data updated daily. Data points include industry sector, region, investment round, investors and acquirers and many other demographic criteria.

Comprehensive Reporting

DDM gathers information directly from companies and reliable industry sources; all fact-checked and cross-reviewed to ensure accuracy and consistency of annual comparisons.

Quarterly Report

Offered quarterly for over a decade, this definitive industry report is affordably priced for companies of all sizes, with a free quarterly summary also available. Each report contains the quarter’s investment and M&A activity.

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Research Services

DDM provides custom research ranging from gathering Steam metrics to market surveys for product launches. We tailor investment and acquisition reports by specific criteria such as comparable companies, location, platform, investors or acquirers and funding stage. Find our free, topical articles, such as our in-depth dive into development studio investments, here. Contact us for research services.

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