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DDM consults as an M&A Broker for companies looking to secure a buyer as well as those looking to source acquisition targets. Our deep personal know-how is augmented by the DDM Games Investment Review, a unique and powerful data platform focused on game industry investments. Whether you are seeking partial investment or full acquisition, we globally source business prospects that match your strategy and your investment criteria.

We connect the worldwide business of games. Tailored targets. World-class execution.

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Longtime DDM client Deck13 has recently been acquired by Focus Home, after having worked together since 2011 on award winning brands such as The Surge. Mathias Reichert, Managing Director at Deck13 relays, “I worked very close with Maarten and Martijn in the last few years to achieve our business targets. The impact on our growth has been phenomenal. So it was no question that we use DDM as advisors for our acquisition by Focus Home Entertainment SA.” DDM congratulates the fantastic teams at both Deck13 and Focus Home in achieving this major milestone!

We worked closely with DDM for several months on our raise. Through the whole process they brought industry insight and valuable perspectives to our business. They understood what we are accomplishing in Esports from day one. It all coalesced when they connected us to our lead investor. They were able to represent our vision throughout, from first discussions to finalizing the deal. We continue to collaborate and utilize their extensive breath of experience in the video game industry. They have become a valuable member of our extended team.  

I have been working with John Sutyak of DDM for nearly three years, although I have known him for over 20. Primarily, John is helping me to bridge the gap between some of DDM's highest quality clients and my Asia-based investment fund. John's deep experience in the games business allows us to deal with complex issues in a knowing shorthand, with equal weight on both the business and the human elements. For an investor, it's essential to understand not just what the potential investee wants, but why they want it and where they need to go. John specializes in this level of understanding and advice and is an invaluable resource to both sides. Plus, he's just a good guy.

Joe and the team at DDM were a pleasure to work with and were a wealth of information and knowledge in the video game industry. They were very helpful in educating us on the sector and opened up many doors with their network of contacts which has clearly taken many years to cultivate.

DDM has been a critical and trusted advisor and facilitator for both the acquisition and funding aspects of our business. Their unmatched industry knowledge and extensive global network, combined with their ongoing effort to understand our business needs, ensures they not only bring high quality opportunities to the table, but also help see them through to completion. They are an invaluable resource for us as we grow our business.