How We Work

DDM’s worldwide staff works together as a cohesive team with a mission to bring greater opportunities to our clients.

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Bringing Greater Opportunities

  • Through regular in-person meetings plus extensive industry research, DDM identifies market opportunities and industry trends in order to provide actionable business intelligence
  • DDM uses this business intelligence along with its deep industry knowledge to create a tailored strategy that best positions clients for success
  • DDM manages the business development process that ultimately brings together the right parties to assemble and execute on each opportunity

DDM is the largest video game business agency in the world and leverages its extensive reach to help each client achieve their goals.

tracking 500+ publishing and distribution partners

coordinating tradeshows with 100s of meetings

hosting industry gatherings with 100s of business guests

securing $1B+ in development deals

We assemble deals that may contain:


DDM believes that a win-win deal is one that enables our client to be the most successful.

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