DDM provides consulting services to companies seeking opportunities within video games. Whether entering the games space, acquiring companies, expanding on an existing initiative, securing licenses or undertaking a new endeavor, DDM builds and executes a tailored strategy in partnership with your company. DDM combines its expert staff, Consulting Executive Network, the powerful DDM Games Investment Review data platform and bespoke industry research into an unparalleled industry guidance powerhouse.

We have a matchless viewpoint into the business of games. Global insights. Real world strategy.

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DDM’s guidance and support were paramount in successfully launching our game publishing division at MWM. With the depth of their industry knowledge and global connections, we were able to supercharge our capabilities and build the small, mighty team we have today. DDM has genuinely become part of our team at MWM Interactive and an extension of our family.

In all the years I’ve been a business owner I’ve encountered few companies who fully understand the meaning of stewardship. That is what makes DDM so remarkable. They innately recognize each and every layer of its true meaning. DDM do not just recommend something; they fully endorse its objective. They don’t just strategize; they hypothesize grand design. They aren’t just supportive in initiation; they are sustenance through project completion. Most importantly, the people at DDM don’t just build relationships; they personalize… everything. While stewardship describes what DDM does, it is in our opinion a very simplified descriptor of a doctrine of their practices—which wholly fashion them as one of the most mindful agencies in entertainment. We would be wayward without them.

DDM is a company with unsurpassed global reach and global relationships. They are true professionals who can help companies maximize opportunities for today and think strategically about tomorrow. I would certainly recommend them to any organization looking to extend their reach and create new business opportunities.

DDM has been a tremendous asset in helping our team of creative and innovative game designers find strong partners for both back-end and app development. With their knowledge, connections and understanding, we have successfully been able to develop our product and finally bring it to market.