Q3 Extends Record-Breaking Year with YTD Nearly 3X 2020

DDM Games Investment Review Q3 2021 Report Available
By the DDM Data & Research Team


2021 continues its tremendous investment pace. From Q2 alone, there were over 200 investments and Merger & Acquisitions (M&As) deals, a total of $7.4 billion in investments (including our estimate of transactions with undisclosed values) and a new record $18.2 billion in acquisitions or mergers. H1 2021 investments reached $25.4 billion and M&As reached over $28.5 billion. As Q3 has closed, it added another 236 transactions: $9.0 billion in investments and $6.4 billion in M&A disclosed deals. This means YTD 2021 investments are 2.6x 2020’s investments and YTD 2021 M&A are 3.0x 2020’s M&A.


For Q3 2021, we tracked over 150 transactions worth nearly $9.0 billion in disclosed deals. It has supplanted Q2 as the second-highest quarter in value and volume for the past ten years. 2021 was already a record-breaking year from Q1 alone, so Q3’s 69% growth YoY will further extend 2021’s record year.

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