Data Points: Value of Video Game Investments Q1 2024

Source: DDM Games Investment Review Executive Summary Report Q1 2024

Value of Video Game Investments Q1 2024:

$2.2B across 178 investments

Q1 2024 investments totaled $2.2B across 178 investments (+123% in value and +20% in volume compared to Q4’s $1.0B and 149 investments) marking the first quarter to achieve over $2.0B in investments since Q3 2022’s $2.6B and 180 investments.

Disney’s $1.5B investment in Epic Games accounted for 67% of the quarter’s investment value.

Using historical averages to estimate the undisclosed investment values, Q1 2024 reached $2.3B [+/- $28.2M].

Q1 2024 undisclosed investments totaled 70 investments or 39% of the quarter’s total, the highest percentage recorded, doubling the quarterly average of 16%; despite more transactions than pre-pandemic, the higher undisclosed deals are dampening overall values as a challenged industry creates strategic moves and unfavorable values and terms, leading to fewer disclosed deals.

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