Mike Romo

Consulting Executive

Mike’s deep background in the arts and technology has come into play throughout his career, from product management in consumer security for companies like Symantec to brand and business development in the video games business for titles like RiME and Dreadnought. Currently, Mike supports a broad series of initiatives at Six Foot, working to expand the company’s efforts beyond gaming, which has resulted in feature films, children’s books, trade show booths and more. He continues to work with the executive team on evaluating new business opportunities for the company across its various teams.

A storyteller by nature, Mike enjoys working with others to produce great experiences, whether they are on stage or screen — or, increasingly both! — and loves the collaboration that working in games inspires. His creative instincts are balanced out by his many years in QA and IT, which helps him manage efforts with a passionate, yet realistic, perspective.