Mike Romo

Senior Partnerships Director

Mike oversees DDM’s thriving Industry Guidance consulting practice. From direct project management to maintaining the tremendous network of DDM Consulting Executives, Mike is key to helping companies build and execute upon their strategy in the video game business. His deep background in the arts and technology has come into play throughout his career, from product management in consumer security, to brand and business development in the video games industry. Mike has worked to drive a variety of companies and initiatives, including live events, filmed entertainment and publishing. He operates as DDM’s direct link into the worlds of movies, television and graphic novels. Mike draws upon this history of collaboration as he drives DDM’s Industry Guidance initiatives.

A storyteller by nature, Mike enjoys working with others to produce great experiences, whether they are on stage or screen — or, increasingly both! — and loves the partnerships that working in games inspires. His creative instincts are balanced out by his many years in QA and IT, which helps him manage efforts with a passionate, yet realistic, perspective.