The Project & Studio Financing Snapshot

A new way to visualize business funding for the video games industry!

We are pleased to introduce the Project & Studio Financing Snapshot, the first business gauge that succinctly captures the landscape for these two primary funding methods for development studios.

The most frequent question we field is regarding the state of financing for games – in particular during these turbulent times. To assess current and future publishing deal flow as well as opportunities for investments and acquisitions, we grounded the snapshot with intelligence from DDM’s Representation and Investment Services teams as well as data from the DDM Games Investment Review. With this breadth of services as an agency, we are uniquely positioned to publish the Project & Studio Financing Snapshot.

The snapshot is in beta form as we finalize the look; if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it. We hope you find it to be useful and we look forward to releasing an updated version each quarter.

— The DDM Data & Research Team

Download the Project & Studio Financing Snapshot and other reports!
Download the free Project & Studio Financing Snapshot July 2024. We also offer free reports including the recently released Mobile Games Annual Investment Report, Game Developers Annual Investment Report, and the quarterly Games Investment Review Executive Summary. Each quarter, we also release a paid Transaction Bundle available on our website at that includes table lists of the quarter’s full investment and M&A transactions across seven industry segments. We always welcome your feedback at