Client Highlight: Stainless Games

Stainless Games is a world-class, award-winning game developer located on the South Coast of the UK — the studio is a world leader in collectible card game (CCG) and driving and simulation technology. Stainless Games has been operating for 27 years and worked on over 60 titles during this time. Stainless made a name for itself with the legendary Carmageddon series. Upon its release in 1997, it was clear a new genre had been invented, one in which the player could lose themself in large environments and had the freedom to do whatever they wanted. Stainless is once again pushing its open-world technology to the next level.

Stainless Games has developed its racing technology over the years. It can be highly accurate and simulation orientated, or frantic and arcade-like as desired, with infinitely adjustable parameters. It fully supports multi-vehicle internet multiplayer. The studio’s most recent title, ShockRods, debuted on Apple Arcade and also released on PC. Stainless Games’ CCG games have become the best in class. The studio has released games on all platforms with the technology to handle all aspects of its development, such as rules engine, AI and live content delivery.

Stainless Games’ company strategy is to run high-end work-for-hire and co-production projects in parallel with original IP production. Stainless specializes in the sensitive treatment of treasured and high-value third-party IP.