Sneak Peek: Video Game Developers Raised 1.4 Billion in Investments in 2020

By Kay Bros with Peggy Twardowski

This is an excerpt from an upcoming report to be released in April. As we continue to analyze the wealth of data 2020 gave us, we reviewed investments in game developers. For our purposes, a game developer is someone who makes games on any platform, excluding hardware, middleware and games-related software like eSports aim trainers. Developers raised $5.6 billion over the past five years, with 2020 representing $1.4 billion in venture funding across 126 deals with disclosed values. Developers received an average of $14.4 million per investment, higher than usual due to the sheer volume of investments and a few late-stage outliers. We restricted our dataset to venture funding stages from Pre-Seed to Series G, Western investments, and excluded mergers and acquisitions. Details on investment averages, top investments and investors and the impact of early- and late-stage funding will be detailed next month!

(Source: DDM Games Investment Review)

All information comes from the DDM Games Investment Review, an invaluable resource for the games industry, providing detailed, qualified information about investments, mergers and acquisition deals. Maintained and continuously updated, the DDM GIR is the only source of investment, acquisition and merger data specific to the video game industry gathered and rigorously tracked for well over a decade.

The Q4 2020 report is now available for purchase: $499 per single quarter or $999 for an annual subscription. In addition to our industry forecast, the report contains a complete list of investment/M&A transactions from the quarter as well as expanded lists of the quarter’s top transactions and investors. For more information about our Q4 2020 report or the DDM Games Investment Review, visit or email

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