Quick Findings from Core Gamers

DDM recently conducted a short worldwide survey of self-identified “gamers” on their gaming equipment and services. We pulled a couple of quick findings from the 1,546 gamers based in North America and Europe.

When we reviewed the responses, we found some results mirrored sales reports from console manufacturers or industry analysts: the most popular console was the PS4 with two-thirds reporting ownership, followed by the Switch (60%) and then the Xbox One (57%). Given our demographic are core gamers, we expected results to yield a high ownership of two or more devices. Indeed, the highest combination of device ownership was for ownership of a PC/laptop and all three major consoles (30%). The second highest combination of device ownership was PC/laptop, PS4, and Switch (16%). Sixty percent of PS4 owners also owned an Xbox One console.

Overall, under gaming services, Valve’s Steam platform had the most users (97%), but a large majority of Steam users (84%) also use Epic’s store. In a nod to Microsoft’s recent positive announcements on its Netflix-like gaming subscription, 80% of Xbox One owners also have the Xbox Game Pass. Fifteen percent reported using Google Stadia.

Though this is a small survey, it’s clear core gamers play across a wide selection of devices and services. We will be curious about how device ownership and gaming services with subscriptions and streaming evolve as the industry continues its momentum. If you’d like to learn more about DDM’s survey service, contact us at info@ddmagency.com.