One Billion Dollars

DDM’s representation practice has reached a major milestone: securing deals for our clients worth over one billion US dollars. As of this writing, the count stands at $1,033,768,966. These are projects from tiny developers working on small indie games, from port-specialists bringing loved franchises to new platforms, from established studios with their first chance to build a new IP, from large companies building AAA projects…and everything else in between.

When DDM came into existence back in 2006, I was adamant that we would do our representation work exclusively for success fees. We would create a company that could only exist if it brought deals to its clients that they wanted to sign. Instead of just trying to land the biggest projects, we decided to work on projects of all sizes on all platforms and build a company that could authentically work in all major gaming regions. This has now led to hundreds of development and production services agreements — and behind every one of these are developers earning a living, supporting their families and striving to find success in terms that they define.

We built the company to have our interests align shoulder-to-shoulder with those of our clients. In so doing, from Shanghai to Eindhoven, Tokyo to Boston, Osaka to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Manchester and our Northampton HQ, the DDM team works in unison for the benefit of all of our clients.

On rare occasions such as today, hitting a milestone will cause us to look up, feel pride at what we have achieved, and then lower our shoulders again. We will continue our work with even more determination to uncover, align and sign agreements that bring opportunity to our clients. We strive to secure deals that recognize that the best chances of success come when all parties are respected and motivated toward the same goals.

Thank you to my partner Maarten and the entire DDM team. Thank you most of all to our clients, who place such precious trust in our hands.

Here is to the next billion!


Joe Minton, President DDM