iCandy Interactive acquires majority stake in Flying Sheep Studios

DDM is proud to have worked together with Flying Sheep Studios during its acquisition process with iCandy Interactive. Since entering the market in 2014, the Cologne-based Flying Sheep Studios developed over 150 HTML games with a team less than 20 strong. The studio has shown its capabilities in creating fun-to-play and play-anywhere games with titles including Ninjago, DreamWorks: TrollHunters and DreamWorks: Spirit.

The studio’s talents and qualities did not go unnoticed. iCandy Interactive, the largest independent game developer in Australia, showed a significant interest in the studio’s work. This inevitably led to a partnership between the two parties. As a result of this partnership, Flying Sheep Studios will be instrumental for iCandy Interactive on its current mission to become a “AAA metaverse gaming powerhouse”.

DDM is proud to have assisted Flying Sheep Studios in this acquisition process.