Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Owen

Rebecca has been with DDM since 2012. As a Business Development Manager, she oversees select client accounts and works with DDM’s network of publishing and distribution partners to determine and negotiate strategic partnerships. She’s an internal advocate for indies and is the initial interface for many of those introductions, particularly in the Americas. Additionally, Rebecca oversees industry news updates, keeping on top of 50+ websites and forums daily to take the pulse of the online chatter and to scan for new insights, opportunities and companies to grow and strengthen DDM’s comprehensive network of real-time information.

One time, an unscrupulous babysitter allowed Rebecca to play Phantasmagoria and Ultimate DOOM. She’s been interested in demons and video games ever since. Her favorite game (sub)mechanics are breeding, looting corpses and paying taxes (in that order). Rebecca is also a fan of graphic novels such as Preacher, Black Hole, and more recently Fatale, Monstress and Pretty Deadly. Currently, she is playing Stardew Valley and The Flame in the Flood. Rebecca is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College with a degree in Critical Social Thought and wears different glasses than the ones in her picture above.