Employee Spotlight: Joe Minton

Joe was with DDM at its founding and moved into the role of President shortly thereafter. For the past 11.5 years, he has been focused on building an agency that improves the business of games. In his previous position as President of Cyberlore, a developer in operation for over 13 years (Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, Majesty, MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries), Joe observed and experienced the business absurdities, difficulties and entrenched industry practices that undermine creative talent and commercial success. From these encounters, he has ensured that DDM’s focus is on bringing parties together in win-win opportunities.

Joe believes that an agency should be staffed by honorable, professional and talented individuals and that the company must be rooted and deeply connected to its industry. He architected DDM’s structure which combines business development experts in the field with back office might, as well as the company’s integrated services across representation, distribution and industry guidance.

“From running a game studio, I know the challenges and the stakes firsthand. DDM is dedicated to providing real value to our clients. This industry is in constant change and turmoil, and in response, we’ve built DDM to provide global business development and guidance so that our clients can better focus on their craft. DDM’s business models are set up to ensure we are shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients—an ally as they face the future.”

Outside of his 25 years in video games, Joe is a lover of tabletop gaming—including running a weekly board game group for two decades, being a silent partner in a local gaming store and acting as an advisor on some tabletop initiatives. A proud husband, father and Hampshire College graduate, Joe believes strongly in his alma mater’s motto: “To know is not enough.”