Employee Spotlight: Conor Kilpatrick, Senior Accounts Manager

Conor supports DDM’s thriving game industry Consulting practice, where DDM helps its clients build and execute upon strategies in this ever-changing business. In addition, he manages DDM’s roster of Production Services clients, which support developers across a multitude of technical and creative disciplines throughout the entirety of the production process, including animation, UI/UX, music and casting. Additional services provide added capabilities when developers are ready to bring their games to market, including marketing, community support and IP expansion.

Based in sunny Los Angeles, Conor brings with him over two decades of professional experience in the entertainment industry, not only in video games (where he has spent nearly a decade engaging in everything from producing mobile games to creating tie-in merchandise and crafting brand strategy) but also in television, digital and new media, comic books and publishing. His extensive backgrounds in IP management and technical production bring a 360° view of the entertainment industry to the video game space.