DDM’s Services Include Music for Games

While planning the marketing and promotional trailers for its upcoming game Wanted: Dead, 110 Industries wanted to ensure that the music was as stirring as the action-packed gameplay footage. CEO Sergei Kolobashkin turned to DDM’s Production Services team to produce new versions of 80s-era synthesizer-drenched gems to be used in game trailers and the game itself. DDM client Neurocircuit Music, based in LA and already well-established in film and TV, was a natural choice. Led by Raney Shockne, they secured the rights to the tracks and leveraged an extensive group of musicians, including singers like Charlie Wadhams and Sophia Ramos. This has resulted in the production of over a dozen tracks.

DDM’s services extend beyond video game music. This summer, Stefanie Joosten, a successful actor and singer, was brought on board to perform a full-length album featuring original songs and new versions of tracks originally produced by Grammy Award winner Giorgio Moroder. Recorded at Powerplay Studios in Zurich, Switzerland, “Singing to the Sky,” the first album to feature Moroder as Executive Producer in 40 years, will be released in December. DDM client Cook & Becker was tapped to produce the special edition vinyl release. The first single, “Knock Me On My Feet,” already has over 152,000 plays on Spotify.

Actor/Singer Stefanie Joosten and Producer Raney Shockne at Power Play Studios

Projects like these highlight DDM’s ability to help our clients build their businesses and delight their audiences by leveraging the capabilities of our award-winning production services partners. Are you interested in securing original music or amazing covers for your marketing campaign or in-game use? Please get in touch with us to learn more.