DDM Statement on the Protests

DDM stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests across the United States and, increasingly, around the world. It is vital to recognize racism’s insidious and broad reach, history and active presence throughout the fundamental fabric of the United States. Which school districts get funding? Who has to teach their children what to do if an officer approaches? Which crimes are given longer jail terms? What populations are the targets of voter suppression? When are the words ‘we’ and ‘they’ used to divide the people of our country as if we were not all Americans?

Racism is also directly present in and perpetuated by our own beloved video gaming industry in specific ways. For example, online game companies allowing harassment on their platforms and hiring practices that result in so many employees looking similar to those who hire them. As an agency, DDM normally works behind the scenes, but we believe it is important to speak out today. Our past philanthropy has been quietly focused on game industry causes, but today DDM is donating to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and will additionally match the first $10,000 donated by our team.

Through eyewitness videos, everyone can now directly watch the atrocities and indignities that are borne unjustly by Black Americans. The only way forward is together. The only way to stay together is with respect, compassion and to have each other’s back.

– Joe Minton, President, DDM