DDM Engages Yun Cao as Executive Consulting Partner

After 12 years working for several international game companies in China and Europe, Yun Cao has started a publishing business in Europe, which focuses mainly on bringing high-quality Chinese games into the Western Hemisphere market. With more international cooperation occurring between China and the West, he believes there is a huge global opportunity in terms of co-development, publishing and IP licensing in today’s fast-growing gaming industry. It is this ambition that brings Cao to work with DDM to explore the business potential in the next future.

Cao started his career as a game designer at Tencent and worked at Zynga as well as Bigpoint as executive producer and publisher. Cao has a deep understanding of the global gaming market and has led an international team working for cross-cultural titles. With such background and experience, he is also good at negotiating between different parties, aligning vision, resolving conflict and aiming for global market success.