DDM Engages Kimberly Rodatos as Executive Consulting Partner

Kimberly adds her extensive knowledge of what it takes to guide a project from initial concept to success in the live environment to the DDM consulting team. She specializes in optimizing complex processes, coordinating detailed development roadmaps, and fine-tuning the life-cycle strategy of digital products and platforms. Kimberly successfully launched games and platforms worldwide and is now sharing and applying her experience to her client’s projects, supporting leading publishers and developers (Epic Games, Six Foot, and more) across the globe.

She joined the Epic Games team as a consultant shortly before the launch of the Epic Games Store in 2018. She was tasked with establishing, creating, and running the onboarding and release pipeline for publishers and developers, helping them bring over 250 games to date to the industry revolutionizing platform.

When she’s not working, Kimberly enjoys hiking, camping, playing video games with her family, or tending to her ever-growing rain and vegetable gardens.