Client Highlight: WafaGames

WafaGames is a Beijing, China-based game development studio dedicated to making radically innovative games on mobile and PC.

The studio’s talented and multi-national team has created one of the world’s first mobile MMO real-time strategy games called Swords of Glory, allowing players to command massive troops in real-time. WafaGames’ proprietary technology, which powers Swords of Glory and supports multiple platforms, was awarded by MIT Technology Review one of 35 early-stage technologies in 2017.

Swords of Glory is set in a Holy War from ten centuries ago, known as the Crusades, which lasted for over 300 years across nations in Europe, Asia and Africa. Based on these historical events, Swords of Glory provides epic battles with a realistic, medieval art style and seamless gameplay, which is a mix of real-time strategy, RPG and simulation. Besides the single-player campaigns, the game features a Map Level Editor that allows players to design their battles and challenge players online.

WafaGames is set to become one of the premier strategy game developers in China, and will be working on both original IP, such as Swords of Glory, and will also explore other avenues, like co-development and work-for-hire.