Client Highlight: The Secret Games Company

The Secret Games Company is an indie studio founded in 2012. Their remote team focuses on strategy games in historical settings. They have a love for hand-drawn 2D art and top-quality sound and music. Founder, Jeremy Hogan, worked at Sony London Studio, Bossa Studios and Sega. He designs games, which are simultaneously accessible and complex, transparent yet replayable.

The Studio has released 3 games, Dreaming Spires, a board game about building an Oxford college; Rise: Battle Lines, a multiplayer-focused tactics game for PC and mobile; and, Kim, an RPG with roguelike elements set in Rudyard Kipling’s colonial India. Kim was selected as a Finalist at Indiecade and the TIGA Game Awards.

The studio’s most recent release was Ozymandias – a Civilization-style empire builder, which you can complete in one sitting, making it perfect for short sessions and multiplayer. The Secret Game Company is currently supporting Ozymandias and working on their next mini strategy masterpiece.