Client Highlight: Supply Drop

Last year, DDM teamed up with Supply Drop, whose mission is to empower studios to build better, stronger and more stable teams. Supply Drop’s platform allows studios that might be in-between projects or have downtime to work on other projects to hire in and hire out resources, quickly and efficiently. By speaking with studios all over the world, Supply Drop has gathered valuable input while it has been building the platform.

We are happy to announce that Supply Drop is now in Beta, ahead of the planned launch at GDC. Developers are invited to visit Supply Drop at Game Connection on Monday, March 16, or Tuesday, March 17, 2020, for a demo and to register. Supply Drop will also be taking meetings around GDC that week; please reach out to DDM if you would like to secure a meeting, or fill out the contact form here.

Sign up at Supply Drop’s website if you would like to receive future updates as well.