Client Highlight: Maestro Media

Maestro Media is led by Javon Frazier, a digital strategist with extensive experience across the media and entertainment industry. He has produced several successful Kickstarter board and card game projects with popular brands and famous creators, such as Joking Hazard with Cyanide and Happiness ($3 million+), The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls ($2.5 million+), Tapeworm with Edmund McMillen ($1 million) and Half Truth with Ken Jennings and Richard Garfield ($325 thousand+).

Maestro works with publishers, developers and other IP holders to create a crowdfunding campaign that finances a card or board game based on their video game IP. Maestro underwrites the game’s development, including prototype, design, artwork and an experienced game designer. The company handles all relationships for manufacturing and shipping and fulfillment to ensure high quality and attractive margins. It then executes the campaign’s marketing to ensure it is as successful as possible.

When the game is ready to go to market, Maestro navigates retail relationships with big box stores and hobby outlets to ensure the game sees continual sales beyond the initial campaign, as has been done for many of its successful titles. To see an example of Maestro’s successful campaigns, check out its Kickstarter for The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls.

If you believe your successful video game IP to be a good fit for a board or card game, please reach out to Rory Madden.