Client Highlight: Akupara Games

Akupara Games is an award-winning indie studio focusing on the development and publishing of artistic and highly accessible multi-platform games. The company has been responsible for the publishing and porting of several titles pushing design and narrative in the indie space, including Whispering Willows and the 2020 Independent Games Festival award-winning Mutazione. Games in its upcoming slate include Gone Viral and Spinch.

Founded by David Logan with an “indie for indies” mindset, the studio focuses on growth, quality and accessibility to better support the indie landscape and collective through development services, consultation and a myriad of resources. With a diverse creative team capable of 2D and 3D development, in addition to resources for marketing and porting games to console/mobile platforms, the indie-support studio has collaborated with a variety of clients on creative projects, including YouTuber Markiplier on the animation Damien.