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DDM Overview

Industry Resources

A part of DDM’s core mission is to improve the business of games. With so little standardization of business forms and practices, the simple act of discussing business can be inefficient or lead to misunderstandings. To that end, we have provided the following for use by anyone in the industry:

Cost Analysis Sheet

A comprehensive summary of the key parameters required for determining the development cost of a video game. DDM has used this sheet for many years, and publishers have thanked us for providing them with a standard way to access the costing information that they require without the necessity of a long series of follow-up questions.

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Game Pitch and Studio Overview Decks – Best Practices

Combining the expertise of our veteran team and our experience working with numerous developers and publishers, we have outlined our recommendations for creating your best studio and game pitch decks. In addition to receiving detailed feedback on pitch materials and preparation for pitch meetings from the DDM team, our clients have access to a special version of this document that includes visual examples that DDM clients have elected to share with each other.

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