Neon Secured $10.5 Million Investment

DDM is proud to have worked with Neon on the road to its recent $10.5 million raise led by Griffin Gaming Partners and including industry leaders in Polychain Capital and Forte. Seattle-based Neon is a team of award-winning industry veterans spun out of the interactive division of HBO with aspirations of developing transmedia properties, including immersive AAA games. Neon will utilize the funding and recent partnerships acquired to build a best-in-class blockchain-based first-person shooter game called Shrapnel.

With its considerable industry experience spanning some of the most renowned companies in gaming, the Neon team has looked to partner with groups at the forefront of the still nascent blockchain gaming revolution. Neon CEO Mark Long spent significant time over the last year looking to find the perfect combination to bring to life the game and mod platform he has envisioned for years. “The expertise of Griffin Gaming Partners along with the technical support from Polychain and Forte provide the perfect partners for the development of Shrapnel,” indicated Long.

In a quote from VentureBeat, Forte CEO Josh Williams stated, “Experienced game developers like the Neon team know that core gameplay and engagement mechanics are crucial for staying power. They are committed to creating sustainable blockchain ecosystems by putting game design and user experience first, and we are honored they’ve chosen Forte to help them bring their vision to life.” DDM is committed to supporting its client Neon as it embarks on the development and publishing journey of Shrapnel.