Client Highlight: Hyper Luminal Games

Hyper Luminal Games is an independent games studio based in Dundee, Scotland. A prolific work for hire developer, Hyper Luminal Games contributes to a wide range of titles across the full development pipeline — from project ideation to console certification QA. The studio is experienced in multiple genres, a wide range of platforms and has collaborated with numerous international partners. Hyper Luminal Games was built with the goal to “make games better” by constantly improving the process itself. The team consistently aims to make amazing experiences and engaging worlds that players of all ages can enjoy. Hyper Luminal Games has extensive experience with mobile development and porting PC games to console and mobile platforms. The team has also created its own OIP in the form of Big Crown Showdown — an online multiplayer brawling party game that launched in 2018. Hyper Luminal Games is now working on Cloud Jumper, a beautiful, relaxing, feel-good game that explores an amazing sky-scape of wonderful locations and colorful characters.