Industry Guidance Highlight: Omaze

For years, DDM has brought storytellers, developers and publishers together, resulting in games and stories celebrated by audiences and gamers worldwide. DDM is thrilled to share this history of collaboration with Omaze, the company behind today’s most compelling pro-social and non-profit fundraising campaigns. Omaze has already seen dizzying success with its platform, raising more than $100 million through innovative, “must-share” campaigns leveraging the biggest names and brands in filmed entertainment, food and fashion — and DDM is the natural partner to do the same in the video game space. DDM will work with the teams at Omaze to engage developers and publishers around the world to deliver Omaze’s “once-in-a-lifetime” campaigns to gamers and fans worldwide while helping to provide charitable organizations with much-needed funding — and visibility. What makes this collaboration even more compelling is that developers will be able to leverage the unique opportunities in gaming’s digital economies, providing meaningful goods and experiences to their players — all for a great cause