Employee Spotlight: Rory Madden

Rory Madden is a Business Development Manager helping to connect developers and publishers with comprehensive services needed to facilitate the full production and successful launch of their games. He is also part of DDM’s Crowdfunding Team and has assisted with partner sourcing, coordination and consultation on the Mighty No. 9, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Underworld: Ascendant and Everspace campaigns. Rory joined DDM in 2012 from GameTable Online, an Internet games portal specializing in online versions of popular board games, where he oversaw the development and testing of gaming tools and numerous online games including Axis & Allies as Producer and Quality Assurance Lead.

Rory is also an amateur Magic: The Gathering player with aspirations towards someday making it to the Pro Tour. He can often be found playing in events and tournaments at local game shops in Massachusetts. He’s also a fan of board games, such as Agricola and Twilight Struggle, and hosts a weekly tabletop RPG night where he runs games like Dungeons and Dragons and Traveller. When Rory’s not gaming face-to-face, it’s common for him to play Hearthstone on his phone or log into his PC for a night of slogging through the latest RPG or strategy game, such as Fallout or X-Com.