Employee Spotlight: Peggy Twardowski

With a background in research and data management plus experience in website development projects, Peggy has been in the games industry since 2007. Tasked with establishing the framework for DDM’s industry-wide research, Peggy’s stewardship of collected metrics gives her a data-based understanding of the overarching trends in the industry. Peggy produces targeted reports on topics such as game comparables and market sectors to support DDM clients’ strategic objectives.

Adopted from Korea, Peggy grew up traveling and eating her way through the United States and Europe. Although she will always love RPGs, her guilty pleasures are FPS games at which she admits she can’t run and gun worth a damn. She recently joined her husband in his goal to complete a half-marathon and hatched four eggs in Pokémon GO with one incubator on an 11-mile run.