Employee Spotlight: John Sutyak

John leads the Industry Guidance division at DDM and works with numerous clients outside the gaming industry to help bring their gaming goals and aspirations to life. His rich background in gaming perfectly suits his responsibilities at DDM. Educated as an Industrial Designer, he landed at Parker Brothers—a prominent gaming company that was later acquired by Hasbro. As a Hasbro executive, John helped the company’s interactive division. There, he wore many hats serving as Creative Director, heading New Business Development and later becoming Chief Creative Officer. It’s this experience—the in-depth knowledge of the game business, and the spirit of entrepreneurship—that serves him in his pursuits at DDM.

John lives in the Boston area with his wife and daughter, and enjoys a number of pursuits. His hobbies and passions include fishing and outdoor seasonal sports such as camping, boating, skiing and hiking. Music has been a meaningful part of his life as well, both playing and listening to live performances. As for gaming, board games are an especially popular family activity (Ticket to Ride is a favorite), and casual digital games are currently the precedent over console gaming. If you twist his arm, he will tell you his favorite video game of all time is ICO, and that he designed a game that is named after him…on second thought, don’t ask him about that one.