Employee Spotlight: Bill Anker

Bill joined DDM in January 2017 as a Consulting Executive to expand the company’s reach with licensors and give DDM clients an edge on opportunities pertaining to intellectual properties. Bill, now DDM’s Head of Licensing, also uses his wealth of experience and wide range of contacts to provide insight on all matters pertaining to business development. A well-known industry figure, Bill was at the forefront of deals ranging from iconic games, including Activison’s Call of Duty and Tony Hawk, to publishing the first game for the Despicable Me franchise and casual gaming hit Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Bill has a genuine affinity for the games industry and the dreamers and creative thinkers who make it the economic powerhouse it is today. So much so that he laid the groundwork for a documentary film celebrating video game culture and its link to the most cutting-edge scientists and futurists. In the process, he has also developed a passion for brewing craft beer and has thrown himself into making some very fine brews. He often links his passions together by sharing his beer with his friends and colleagues, both old and new, at video game events and meetings with A-list intellectual property holders.