Client Highlight: Run Games

Run Games is a game development studio established in 2011 with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA. The talented team at Run Games has exceptional knowledge of console and mobile development; the studio has used that experience to create an internal cross-platform engine named runGen. Run Games has applied its skill and engine to the sports genre with its hit game Football Heroes Pro featuring NFL Players. Run Games’ unique take on pro football has allowed the company to compete with some of the biggest names in the mobile space. Since release, the game has periodically out-grossed Madden Mobile and out-downloaded Candy Crush Saga and the Facebook app. The success of Football Heroes on mobile has allowed Run Games to expand its platforms and bring the game to Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Aside from original content, Run Games works in joint development with other game studios to port projects, support their vision or add value to their existing products. Run Games is working with E-Line Media on Endless Mission, a massive multiplayer undertaking where the user receives tools to change and make their own games; Beyond Blue, an underwater sea life exploration game made with the support and research of the same team behind BBC’s Blue Planet and Kobocca: Little Brother of War, a multiplayer sports game based on the traditional Native American Choctaw sport, made in collaboration with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. Run Games is in the process of porting a sequel for a major franchise on the Oculus Quest, marking a complete overhaul of the existing camera and control schema to create a unique VR experience from the original content.

With an understanding of consumer interests in the mobile space, a team of industry veterans, as well as the ability to generate organic growth, Run Games is looking to push its creative concepts to a new level. With the goal to develop a unique spin on soccer, Run Games is ready to tap into one of the biggest cultural phenomena in the world. Run Games continues to pursue new opportunities in cooperative development as well as producing original content in mobile, console, PC and VR design spaces.