Client Highlight: Promo360

Promo360 is an experiential marketing agency that advances brand culture through immersive, meaningful engagements. From selecting the right venues and shows to experience design, programming, production and staffing, to fully integrated marketing strategy, Promo360 makes your event presence easy and impactful. As gamers and pop culture fanatics, the Promo360 team has an understanding of gaming culture that enables them to express your brand authentically to existing and future fans.

The agency’s clients run the gamut from indie developers looking to establish or expand their trade show presence to major publishers and geek icons such as Marvel, 2K and Capcom, who they have helped on and off the trade show floors, including fully themed parties, pop-up events and escape the room experiences.

Recently, Promo360 worked with a legal firm and long-time sponsor of FanX Salt Lake City. Siegfried & Jensen felt like they were yet to make a true connection with pop culture fans or understand the ROI for their participation in the show. Promo360 created Fandom Court, a complete courtroom right on the convention floor! Attendees formed “legal teams” on-site to litigate some of the biggest debates in the geek world – from Kirk v Picard to Gryffindor v Slytherin; they made their cases in front of a jury of their peers for prizes (and of course, bragging rights!). It was a huge hit, and the show floor courtroom was packed for all 10 cases, providing great exposure for their client and top-notch content for the show.

Check out Promo360’s website here. Reach out to Rory Madden if you are interested in learning more or would like an introduction.