Saliim Saulsberry


As a young man, Saliim always admired video games. His love for video games and the business side of them is what led him to his position at DDM. Once he found out he could be a part of helping to bring those games to life while exploring what he loved, he leapt at the opportunity. As an intern at DDM, Saliim’s main focus is compiling data and assisting with research. He hopes to learn much more about the gaming industry that he loves and to forge a path for himself within it.

As a video game enthusiast, Saliim has a huge interest in challenging puzzle games as well as competitive online multiplayer games. When he’s not busy in the world of video games (or doing schoolwork), he’s cooking in the kitchen or outside playing sports. Saliim has found this work at DDM so exciting that he plans to further his knowledge in business development by pursuing his BBA and MBA.