Christine Thaarup

Consulting Executive

Christine is a Business Development Executive with solid experience from international media industries. She has spent the last 14 years in games with IOI in Copenhagen, establishing Eidos Shanghai and leading new markets business development for Square Enix in London and Tokyo. She worked previously on high-quality European film and TV series as an Executive Producer with Egmont/Nordisk Film. Christine has a deep insight in the creative, organizational and business development aspects within the games and film industries, having a core executive knowledge of strategy development and execution, reorganization, outsourcing partnership enablement and contract development. Her work involves an international, cross-cultural understanding with a deep insight into Asia from her 22 years of doing business in China – ‘guanxi’!

Christine is the owner of Citron Aps and has consulted for Danish and international companies, developing their strategic new markets, interactive products, production partners and identifying and running due diligence of M&A targets. She has guided businesses to Asia in addition to having built cross-cultural teams with efficient production workflow for high-quality digital media and design.