Ada Chao

Senior Business Development Manager

Ada Chao first worked as a Director for Capital Operations at a game research and development company owned by Tencent where she helped to solve financial problems. She also owned a small team of international games and published several independent games on Steam. Then, Ada was a pioneer in the age of online games in China and worked for two years in the overseas commerce department at Shanda Games, one of the top three Chinese game companies. She was involved in internal communications and external discussions with Bethesda, Square Enix, Warner Bros and Disney amongst other Western AAA game/movie companies. Leading Shanda’s entire platform area of overseas business to combine it with the company’s long-term development direction, Ada set a clearer goal of importing overseas product importing, introducing western excellent game products and publishing and authorizing self-developed products around the world.

During Ada Chao’s tenure, she supported and maintained Fallout, the hand tour, and she signed excellent products such as Lara Croft Go and The Elder Scrolls Blades.

Ada Chao is a crazy game enthusiast who has played games for nearly 15 years, including representing China in eSports on Left Dead 2. She also is keen on shooting games. There are more than 4,000 games in her Steam library. Having lived in Spain for eight years, Ada Chao has a deep understanding of both Western and Eastern cultures, which is why she is a competent business development professional who understands how to communicate with Western and Eastern companies. She has a good sense of how to assist in ensuring that the project and business development discussions move forward.

Ada Chao is based at DDM’s office in Shanghai, China.