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GamesIndustry: “DDM Agency: ‘The Midcore Market Has Been Really Brutal’”

November 21, 2012

Joe Minton talks with GamesIndustry International about the death of midcore and the state of the industry for developers.

Given DDM's position at the crossroads of the game industry, Minton has a broad perspective on the current state of development deals. It is difficult for development studios living from contract to contract. “What we've been going through in the industry is the midcore projects having gone away a fair amount,” Minton said. “DDM started working in China three and a half years ago to develop relations there because we knew that free-to-play PC games were going to be very important for development studios. Now many of our clients who made midcore console games have transitioned successfully and gotten projects that have kept their companies in business, creating free-to-play client PC games. That's the type of thing that I'm really proud of, because we're helping companies to see what's coming and adjust to that.”