Upcoming Shows

June 10-12, 2014
Los Angeles, CA


Past Speaking Engagements

Jeff Hilbert

  • Casual Connect Kyiv 2013 – moderator: “Changing Role of the Publisher” [online video]
  • Tapjoy Thought Leadership Roundtable – panelist: “Publishing 2.0: How Mobile Apps Changed the Game Publishing Model” [online video]
  • GDC Europe 2011 – panelist: “Ask the Decision Makers: Find Out What Publishers Want and How to Get What You Want”
  • GDC 2011 – moderator: “How to Secure a Deal: Real Answers to Real Questions”
  • GDC Europe 2010 – panelist: “Multiple Paths of Success for the Independent Developer”
  • GDC 2009 – panelist: “Ask the Decision Makers: Find Out What Publishers Want and How To Get What You Want”
  • Nordic Game Conference 2008 – panelist: “Art of the Deal”

Joe Minton

  • NY Games Conference 2013 – panelist: “From the Console to the Cloud: The Evolution of Game Distribution”
  • The Law of Digital Games 2012 – panelist: “The Changing Face of Deal-Making: The Expanding Role of Agents and Brokers in the Digital Games World”
  • C3 Summit 2012 – panelist: “Movies and Video Games Press ‘Play’ in the Middle East” [online video]
  • Digital Games: Playing in the Valley 2012 – panelist: “Creative Communities: Building Games outside the Hub”
  • NY Game Conference 2010 – panelist: “Power of Community – Integrating Social Design in Creating, Promoting and Distributing Games”
  • LA Game Conference 2010 – panelist: “Digital vs. Packaged Goods”
  • Game:Business:Law 2010 – panelist: “Art of the Deal”
  • GDC 2007 – panelist: “Getting Through Greenlight”
  • Siggraph / Sandbox, 2006 – panelist: Positive and negative trends facing the game industry
  • University of California Satellite Office in Daegu, Korea, 2005: Week-long class on best practices for running a development studio
  • University of Massachusetts – School of Entrepreneurship, 2005: Business Presentation on Video Game Industry

Maarten de Koning

  • Casual Connect Kyiv 2013 – moderator: “Premium vs. Free-to-Play Publishing” [online video]

John Sutyak

  • GameON Finance 2012 – moderator: “Publisher 2.0”
  • GameON Finance 2012 – moderator: “Video Game Industry Foreign Investors Panel”

Peggy Twardowski

  • GDC 2009 – moderator: “Developing by the Numbers: Metrics in the Videogame Industry”